Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cookie Stamps!

 Have you stamped on cookie dough?  Stampin' Up! has cookie stamps and they are a ton of fun!  I helped throw a baby shower a couple weeks ago and I stamped some cookies to go with the other refreshments.  The color is a little bold, but we had a whole blue/turquoise theme going on so I tried to match it.  There are 2 sets of Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps: one with a Jack-O-Lantern, snowflake, and a heart and one with a bunny, a shamrock, and a flower.  Each set comes with a nice wood handle and the 3 silicone (and dishwasher safe) stamps.  All you do is make up a batch of cookie dough (non-sticky and low rising cookies work best), roll it into balls, then press it down with the stamp.  There are a couple of recipes included, and the sugar cookie recipe is great!  Try them sometime!  They are way easier than regular sugar cookies, a lot of fun (especially for my 4 year old), and cuter too!

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